Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tourblog by Tripp : Steamboat Springs, CO : 10-09-08

It's no secret... I love Steamboat Springs, but not for the reason you may think. It's a great skiing destination for tons of people, but I love it for the people. Every time we have played there, we've had a venue full of people rawking out... it doesn't matter if it's in the height of the winter season, or in the off-season. This time was no different!

What was different was: This marks Souleye's first return to Steamboat since he moved to San Francisco (so BLVD could join forces once and for all!). We had a great turnout, and I know it was especially sweet for Souleye since he knows so many people in town.

BLVD has also been getting the royal treatment when it comes to the airwaves. Steamboat's local radio station has been playing Stamina (off our new album "Music For People") religiously. Much love to KFMU! We were also interviewed for the first time to television at Steamboat's local TV-18, which is broadcast to all the resort hotels. It was a fun experience to be on Steamboat Today, and somehow we all managed to be there for the 8am live broadcast! For myself especially, this is no small feat.

The icing on the cake was on our way to Denver (to begin our 8-show run opening for Lotus). Instead of just hearing ABOUT our song being played on KFMU, we tuned in and actually heard it for realz. Thanks so much to the entire Steamboat community for supporting BLVD!

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