Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mahogany Ridge

Steamboat Springs, CO July 23, 2008

Steamboat Springs is the home of Souleye and his fiance: Jen Fritz. It has always been a favorite tour stop for us... Unlike many of the cities we play on tour, we have always played the same spot: Mahogany Ridge. They are a restaurant by day and a music venue by night. They have an extensive menu, but every one of us always orders the same thing: buffalo steaks with porter cream dipping sauce. It will not fail to disappoint! The steaks are great on their own, but they fact that Mahogany is a brewery and they make a sauce out of beer they brew themselves makes for a meal that I have dreams about.

On this visit, we got invited to do a radio interview at KFMU, local Steamboat radio. It was a great opportunity for us to promote the show, and they were kind enough to play a few tracks off our new album Music For People, as well. Thanks guys!

Once the interview was over, we went outside to find that one side of the trailer's axle had completely dislodged itself. It didn't actually come as a surprise, as we haven't been looked upon kindly by the trailer gods over the years. This was our second trailer, and third trailer axle. Trailer 1 died when we were driving back from Yosemite and a kind passer-by noticed the left tire looked "a little wobbly." When we stopped and jacked up the trailer, the tire completely fell off! Trailer 2 (New and Improved!) eventually had the exact same problem, only we replaced just the axle, not the entire trailer. With these wonderful experiences under our belt, this current dilemma came as no surprise. I was honestly surprised it hadn't happened sooner!

So we ever-so-carefully brought the trailer down to a safe place, then picked up a rental for the rest of the tour, and reloaded the gear. You can still go visit our old trailer somewhere in Steamboat, where you will likely find moss growing into the axle's cracks by a nearby sulphur spring.

The show at Mahogany Ridge that night was a great one, and that's saying a lot, considering how awesome the crowd is whenever we visit. It was a little bit sad since it was the last time we'd be there while Souleye and Jen lived there, but I'm psyched to go back in the winter.

And I'm definitely excited to have Souleye in San Francisco.

By: Tripp Bains

Samana Lounge

Vail, CO July 22, 2008

After our show in Denver, we kicked it a couple days in Boulder before driving up to our show on Tuesday in Vail. In case you missed my last blog, the drive down I-70 is a totally different experience in the summer. There's a stretch of road before you get to a tunnel which is pretty treacherous in the winter. We were on our way to Aspen when our trailer started fishtailing on a patch of ice... at 50 mph. After seeing our lives flash before our eyes, I don't think we cracked 20 mph the rest of the way.

Needless to say, the voyage was much smoother this time around. We met up with the promoter for the Samana Lounge, Peter Blick, who is also a great DJ. The venue itself is right in the main pedestrian area of Vail, and features a wall which looks as if one million candles have burned on it. Different colored waxes merging with stone in weird ways.

Before our show, Boombox was playing a free show at the Ampitheatre in town, so we went up after our soundcheck to scope out the tunes. They are a duo with Russ Randolph DJing and Zion Rock Godchaux on vocals and guitar. There were a bunch of people up at the show, and they were definitely into it... so much so in fact that they stormed the stage. Zion, normally quite cool in his demeanor, quite abruptly ended the show and they went off stage. The crowd quickly became hostile, demanding that they come back, but it became clear they wouldn't. The security force started running around the stage trying to corral people... this is some intense action for Vail!

We went down to Samana Lounge and played our show, and the crowd was pretty hype considering it was a Tuesday night. After things were over, Dylan spotted Zion from Boombox, who had been checking out our show. Excerpt of the conversation follows:

Dylan: "Sucks how they shut you down at the end of your set."
Zion: "It's Rock'n'Roll, bro."

By: Tripp Bains

Saturday, August 16, 2008

BLVD Added to Las Tortugas Line-Up

Las Tortugas Dance of the Dead III, the annual Halloween soiree in Yosemite at Evergreen Lodge, is very pleased to announce some musical additions to an already stellar lineup. Tortugas veterans ALO will make a rare 2008 appearance. Joining ALO will be The Mother Hips, Trevor Garrod of Tea Leaf Green, Cornmeal, Flowmotion and Tracorum.
These bands will be joining a bill that already includes Tea Leaf Green, Hot Buttered Rum, host band Blue Turtle Seduction, Melvin Seals’ JGB, Lebo, Guitarmageddo, BLVD, and many other great bands and artists.
Taking place from October 30 - November 2, the Thursday night kick off party will include Hot Buttered Rum, The Mother Hips, Lebo and Friends, Blue Turtle Seduction, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Izabella, Wisebird and Dave Stein Bubhub.

Click here to buy tickets today!

Monday, August 4, 2008


We took a few days rest after our trip to Chicago, then it was time to begin a 6 show run over 8 days, starting with a 20-hour drive to Denver! We had actually done a similar drive to Colorado last year when we relocated to a house outside Boulder to work on the music that eventually became Digital Disorder. The difference was: that drive was in the middle of winter and we were driving thru snowstorms and frigid wind in the middle of the night. This time around, it was refreshing to see the summer terrain and enjoy the mountain air, instead of keeping our traveling cabin airlocked for fear of hypothermia.

BoogiedDown Productions brought us to play Owsley's Golden Road is a venue right in downtown Denver, walking distance from the baseball stadium. These guys know how to hook it up! Really want to thank them once again for being such excellent hosts.It was also great to work again with Eric, who does a great job with lighting and projections. We also got to kick it with some of the fine people from Steamboat Springs, where Souleye currently lives with his girl, JenJen.

Chordata opened the night with a DJ set, and what do you know... the fire alarm goes off! It was pretty amazing to see 3 large fire engines and 2 police cars roll up to the venue in seconds flat... at least 10 firemen -- complete with oxygen tanks, axes, and full fireproof suits and helmets -- storm into the venue and head straight for the green room! They all seemed pretty pissed when it was just a false alarm, but it was pretty damn amusing to see everyone in the club mingling with the firemen.

After the smoke cleared (hehe) and Jantsen played a DJ set, we took the stage. We were excited to do a few tracks with Dominic from The Motet, who played sax with us on Music Is A Medicine, and well as doing some improv while Souleye did some beatboxing on the mic. Thanks to everyone who came out for the show, and thanks again to BoogieDown for inviting us! Hope to be back in Denver soon!