Monday, October 6, 2008

'Music For People' Digital Distribution Begins Today, October 7, 2008

BLVD’s “Music For People” Brings Electro Hip Hop To The Masses

(San Francisco, CA – Tuesday October 7, 2008) – BLVD fuses live instruments with electronic production techniques to bring their audiences a refined and progressive musical experience. Combing hip-hop, house and breakbeat they continue to break down boundaries between dance club culture and the live music community.

BLVD was a three-piece instrumental ensemble until 2007 when they were joined on stage by the jet-setting MC Souleye. They had an immediate connection during an impromptu performance at the Tucson Gem and Jam and have been together ever since. BLVD's live interpretations of what are generally considered to be electronic musical forms blend naturally with Souleye's conscious and rhythmic approach to rapping. Souleye's partnership with BLVD is a natural convergence of two unique yet like-minded styles, and continues to earn these four talented artist great notoriety and devoted fans of many diverse musical tastes.

Drummer Dylan McIntosh and bassist Tripp Bains lock into deep, sub-woofing grooves while electric guitarist Curtis Sloane adds tight, rhythm based, melodic progressions and heavily effected looping patterns. Bridging gaps between hip-hop, drum & bass, electronica and funk, Souleye has emerged as one of the most sought-after MC's in the live music and dance club scenes. Together "they create an irresistible booty shaking combination of house, breakbeats and rock...tailor made for the dance floor" the founder of the Joshua Tree Music Festival, Barnett English, raves.

BLVD’s dynamic sound and broad appeal helped spark the fourth album "Music For People". Recorded live at Rodent Records to capture the group’s energy and chemistry, “Music For People” is a genre and mind-bending exploration of electro and hip-hop. Produced by McIntosh and Sloane and mixed at One Union Studio in San Francisco, fans are sure to be blown away by the electronic musical blends with conscious, thought provoking lyrics.

BLVD has become an unstoppable force as they push forward with their musical expansion, pulling you out of your seat and on to the dance floor.

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