Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zebra Lounge and The 8 Degrees of Ani DiFranco

Bozeman, MT : 7-25-08

So, we arrived in Bozeman and checked into the Lewis and Clark Motel (everything in this part of the country seems to be named after them btw). We learned that Ani DiFranco was playing a show in town the very same night, and we immediately sought out the venue to promote... which gave me an idea. You know how iTunes will tell you "people who bought X also bought Y"? So, I got on iTunes and tried to see how many degrees of separation there really are between BLVD and Ani.

ani difranco
pj harvey
zero 7
massive attack
prefuse 73

There ya go... i really wanted it to be 6 degrees, but facts is facts. I don't really see a lot of crossover, but maybe some Ani fans were at our show, who knows. Souleye was yelling at them out of our vehicle like a madman!

By: Tripp Bains

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