Monday, August 4, 2008


We took a few days rest after our trip to Chicago, then it was time to begin a 6 show run over 8 days, starting with a 20-hour drive to Denver! We had actually done a similar drive to Colorado last year when we relocated to a house outside Boulder to work on the music that eventually became Digital Disorder. The difference was: that drive was in the middle of winter and we were driving thru snowstorms and frigid wind in the middle of the night. This time around, it was refreshing to see the summer terrain and enjoy the mountain air, instead of keeping our traveling cabin airlocked for fear of hypothermia.

BoogiedDown Productions brought us to play Owsley's Golden Road is a venue right in downtown Denver, walking distance from the baseball stadium. These guys know how to hook it up! Really want to thank them once again for being such excellent hosts.It was also great to work again with Eric, who does a great job with lighting and projections. We also got to kick it with some of the fine people from Steamboat Springs, where Souleye currently lives with his girl, JenJen.

Chordata opened the night with a DJ set, and what do you know... the fire alarm goes off! It was pretty amazing to see 3 large fire engines and 2 police cars roll up to the venue in seconds flat... at least 10 firemen -- complete with oxygen tanks, axes, and full fireproof suits and helmets -- storm into the venue and head straight for the green room! They all seemed pretty pissed when it was just a false alarm, but it was pretty damn amusing to see everyone in the club mingling with the firemen.

After the smoke cleared (hehe) and Jantsen played a DJ set, we took the stage. We were excited to do a few tracks with Dominic from The Motet, who played sax with us on Music Is A Medicine, and well as doing some improv while Souleye did some beatboxing on the mic. Thanks to everyone who came out for the show, and thanks again to BoogieDown for inviting us! Hope to be back in Denver soon!


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